remix of A Grain of Sand

L.A.-based Hip hop producer Senz of Depth remixed song "War of the Flea" from A Grain of Sand by Yellow Pearl (Chris Iijima, Nobuko Miyamoto, and Charlie Chin). This remix features emcee Bambu. Check it out!

<a href="http://music.senzofdepth.com/track/war-of-the-flea-senz-of-depth-remix-feat-bambu">War Of The Flea (Senz of Depth remix feat. Bambu) by Senz of Depth</a>

Senz of Depth posted some commentary about this track on his blog:

"Boy I tell you, they did some mean ass fingerpicking back in the heyday of 1960s/70s folk music! My cramping fingers could attest to that. Well, I now had all these tracks of isolated acoustic guitar just laying around on my computer. It dawned on me that I should put it to more use, so I chopped it up, slapped a beat to it, and added some of Chris’ original vocals. Lucky for me Bambu liked the beat, so he added a couple of verses that really took the song to a new level. Much gratitude and thanks to Nobuko Miyamoto for allowing us to sample the original music."

This track is a part of the mixtape that DJ Phatik is compiling for the premiere of Tad Nakamura's documentary "A Song for Ourselves." This is an exciting moment in the history of Asian American music.

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