Amy Tan on Creativity @ TED Talk

Some friends referred me to TED Talk today. It's a conference where all of the world's high-minded thinkers and practitioners across disciplinary boundaries come together to give talks on mind-bending issues and perspectives. All the talks have been documented as videos and posted on the website. It's a tremendous resource for innovative ideas that would further thoughtful ideas and actions in the world. ]I heart TED talk.]

I found a TED talk on creativity by Amy Tan. Tan takes her audience through a journey of theories and her personal experiences as a writer. Her resistance to a "universal constant" and obsession with cultural, social, and historical specifics really impressed me. Her comfort with moral ambiguity is admirable. Her belief of compassion as a product of creation takes me closest to a warm humanistic place. Interesting talk. Look for a surprise in the end :)

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