YellowBuzz Returns + Pictures of Renminbi in Charlottesville

Yellowbuzz has finally returned from the IASPM conference meeting [International Association for the Study of Popular Music] at the Institute of Popular Music in Liverpool and vacation in Ireland and England. I have a true media overload accumulating documentation of shows, events, and memories in my machine pending for blog posts.

A few weeks back, I organized a show at the Bridge PAI on 7/5 in Charlottesville. The show featured the super-rad Brooklyn-based indie rock trio Renminbi on their 2-week tour of the south and midwest. Renminbi's set, though had be cut short due to time constraint, struck an impressive balance bringing out the best of the raw and the refined in contemporary indie and post-punk sounds. In addition to their loudi-licious set, they thoughtfully provided us with earplugs.

The members of Renminbi crashed at my place. I had the privilege of chatting with guitarist Lisa Liu about her experiences of being Chinese American and a rock guitarist. We had a great time exchanging stories about family, music, and trip to Asia. [Psst, we're conspiring a tour of Taiwan with a double bill featuring Renminbi and my duo Grapefruit Experiment next summer. Let me know if you or someone you know can help with that!]

The event also showcased Wanli [one of my former students' band] from Northern Virginia and The Hilarious Posters of Charlottesville.

Here's a set of photos that I took at the show:




More from this photo set.

By the way, I just upgraded my Flickr account to "pro" status. This means that all pictures I have ever posted are now availabe for browsing on Flickr. Check out all 10 YellowBuzz photo sets consisting of 329 performance photos!

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