The Hsu-nami on Found Musik

I've been working on my dissertation chapter on the Hsu-nami the last couple of months. Today I finally got around to watching some of the Hsu-nami's video footage that I had saved over last fall.

The Found Musik video feature of the Hsu-nami is particularly well-done. It contains a band interview and the performance footage of "Entering the Mandala" in its entirety, shot in high-definition. I always love the second half of the song when the tempo goes into double-time. The contrast between melodic lyricism and speed-driven shredding brings out the best of the Hsu-nami thrill. Buckle down, everyone!

Found Musik 4: The Hsu-Nami from Don Fisco on Vimeo.

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Ben Gage said...

nice music, very cool...