Upcoming Events: the Hsu-nami Residency at UVa

I've helped organize a UVA Music Department series of events upcoming this week featuring The Hsu-nami: an unique erhu-rock band from New Jersey (http://hsu-nami.com). Erhu is a Chinese two-string fiddle. Frontman Jack Hsu plays it amplified and shreds it like metal guitar. I met these guys during my field research for my dissertation in New York. The band's two-day residency consists of a performance and a workshop. Details below.

My band Dzian! (http://dzian.info) will perform with The Nakashi Dancers and members of Fire in the Belly (belly dance group).

The Taiwanese Student Association will sell bubble tea at the concert. Come out and celebrate Halloween with us with your costumes, LED's, and happy dancing feet!

Both events are FREE. Please spread the word!

The Hsu-nami Concert, with opening band Dzian!
8:30pm, Saturday, October 30, 2010
The Haven (First and Market St, off Charlottesville Downtown Mall)

The University of Virginia McIntire Department of Music presents a performance by The Hsu-nami, an internationally-renowned progressive rock band from New Jersey. The Hsu-nami became known as the first “progressive erhu rock” band in the world, integrating an amplified “erhu”, a two-string spike fiddle used in Chinese classical and folk music, into an instrumental progressive rock sound. The Hsu-nami’s music is marked by virtuosic erhu melodies and shredding licks in place of vocals, intertwined with heavy guitar riffs, tasteful guitar solos, funky rhythms, and metal-driven rock drumming. Featured in the 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing, the Hsu-nami’s track “Rising of the Sun” was used as the theme music representing the Chinese Basketball team.

Charlottesville's own nakasi band, Dzian!, will open for The Hsu-nami with a set of Asian a-go-go, surf and garage rock.

Special thanks to our media sponsor, C-Ville Weekly. The Hsu-nami performance is an Arts Enhancement Event, supported by the University of Virginia Provost's Office to increase awareness of and support for the arts. For more information call the McIntire Department of Music at 434.924.3052.



The Hsu-nami Workshop
3:30pm, Friday October 29, 2010
RM 107 Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia

Members of erhu-prog rock band The Hsu-nami will discuss the band’s unique creative processes and multicultural performance experiences in an interactive lecture. Jack Hsu will demonstrate his "rock erhu" techniques, while discussing traditional and alternative usage of the erhu (a Chinese two-string fiddle). All is welcome.

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