SXSW, Part 1.5: Missing Carol Bui

I'm still beating myself up for missing Carol Bui's sets (all 3 of them) at SXSW this year. Carol and I had lunch at Habana Calle on 6th Street on Friday, two days after her performances. It was an extremely starchy meal consisting of yucca, rice, plaintain, and a not-very-vegetarian pastry. Carol said that her sets went over well. We exchanged information about who we met and who we wanted to or must meet at SXSW. I told her the stories of fieldwork fiasco and successes in Austin.

I've read all the favorable responses in the blogosphere to her new song "Mira You're Free With Me" (available as audio streaming on her myspace page) Incidentally, I just wrote a paper about this song, focusing on its rhythm, for the Society of American Music meeting in Denver, which just so happened to take place at the same exact time as SXSW this year.

Here's a spectacular shot of Carol's set at the SXSW pre-party at Beauty Bar on Tuesday night, 3/17/09. This picture is taken by Valerie Paschall, a DC-based music blogger/writer.

Carol Bui will be touring the U.S. in April and May. Look out for her tour dates on her myspace site. I know I'm going!

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