Chatting with Peggy Wang of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Last night on G-chat, I had a great time talking to Peggy Wang of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, a Pitchfork-raving indie pop band from Brooklyn. We talked about her first inspiration by Riot Grrrrl and hanging out with a punk girl (and her boyfriend) who worked at her parents' video store. We also chatted a bunch about the New York Brooklyn-based indie scene and her current job as a senior editor at BuzzFeed.com.

I met Peggy at SXSW last Friday. She and I exchange several text messages and eventually we met in person after the Pains' set at the Pitchfork/Windish Party at Emo's on 6th Street and Red River Street in downtown Austin. [I will be posting pictures from this performance very soon.]

Exchanging Myspace messages with Peggy and Kip of the band, I found out that a dear friend of Peggy's, Art Boonparn shot a music video for their song "Everything With You" on super 8. The lo-fi quality casts the band's vintage pop music and image into the early 1980s. This, of course, is highlighted by their C86 influence, harking back to Glasgow circa 1986. Certainly their sound and general aesthetics is much more than just that. With the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, I'd say, "bring on the pop and the noise, 80s and 2000s, Glasgow and Brooklyn. Let's all party until the end of time."

Art Boonparn is a New-Orleans-spawned artist and musician who relocated to New York City after Katrina. I will meet him in NY this weekend to hear about his adventures in the independent music scene in the 80s and 90s in New Orleans.

Here's the "Everything With You" video shot by Art Boonparn, starring Peggy Wang and Charlen Altman:


Carquois42 said...


We are also there.........Haha


wh said...

you were also at this particular show? Oh my god! I feel so stupid for missing you guys entirely at sxsw.

Carquois42 said...

Yes! I standed in front of Kip and Peggy.

We like the pains of being pure at heart too. I would try to ask someone who can invite them to Taiwan.


wh said...

let me know if you're interested in following through with the idea of bring the Pains to Taipei. I think they would do really well there!!