Press Release: Asian Rock Fest 5.30.09

Eric Hsu of Johnny Hi-Fi has been busily organizing for the 2009 Asian Rock Fest. The event will take place 7pm this Saturday, May 30, 2009, at Slim's in San Francisco. It will feature performances by Johnny Hi-Fi, Burning Tree Project, United High, and Festizio.

This festival started in New York City in 2004 highlighting Asian and Asian American musical talent. The ARF website states its objective as "to celebrate the annual Asian Heritage Month of May in an in-your-face, louder than your parents' soft jazz fashion. Put down the text books and scream f#@k the stereotypes. THIS is how Asians rock!"

Johnny Hi-Fi (Hsu and drummer Asif Khan) is also behind Passion and Profession, a non-profit organization that brings workshops on issues related to career choice and bicultural upbringing to college campuses. YellowBuzz attended a Passion and Profession workshop at Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland last September and witnessed its infectious energy and earnest connections with students. Impressed by it, I am working on bringing Eric and Asif to University of Virginia, where I teach, hopefully for next spring.

Johnny Hi-Fi has recently released their album Vicious Cycle of Promises & Apologies. It's available as a free download on JHF's official band bsite.

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