Emily and Susan Hsu Make Typhoon Benefit Video

Emily and Susan Hsu of Exit Clov made a video covering a Taiwanese pop song from the 1980s as a benefit for the victims of the Morakot typhoon in Taiwan. Their cover of ""Ai-Biahnh Jah-eh Eah" is sweet. It reminds me of the Carter Family (although not quite as dark and gothic as the Depression-era SW Virginian hillbilly family trio).

Every time the video is played on Youtube, they will make a (25-cent) donation toward the funds.

On their blog post, they wrote:


We’re personally making a donation of .25 cents for every hit/view we get on this YouTube video between now and September 1, 2009 — with a goal of 500 hits ($125).

Please help us by watching the video and sending it around to your friends to help us reach our goal. Feel free to make your own pledge/donation too. Pledges can be as low as a penny per hit (=$5 at 500 hits/views) — any little bit helps. If you do so, please let us know your pledge (mousybabe@gmail.com). If we get enough responses, we’ll post a list of anonymous pledges (here on mousybabe) to celebrate the good will. :) We’re capping total hits at 500, so no worries about going broke.

Also, pledges are not binding, just the good old-fashioned honor system! You can send your tax-deductible donation to the Taiwanese Association of America (info below), or any other suggested organizations listed at TaiwaneseAmerican.org.

Taiwanese Association of America
Mrs. Ling Ling Huang, Treasurer

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