YellowBuzz Contributes to SPINearth

I just got asked to me a contributor or "local correspondent" to SPINearth.tv, an offshoot of Spin magazine that seeks to cover music-cultures across all continents from the ground up. Another way to put it, they're outsourcing their journalistic labor to freelance/amateurs music bloggers like me. This is potentially liberating because it is a form of media decentralization or de-privatization. I'm excited to contribute to something with a wide readership.

Here's my first piece (cross-posted on YellowBuzz): "Memories from the Fourth: The Kominas Collaborate with Like-Minded Hip Hop Artists" @ http://www.spinearth.tv/articles/2354

Here's the screenshot of the North America section on SPINearth. This post is listed first under "Newest":

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