Pictures: Chthonic's New "Taiwanese" Look

Chthonic released pictures of their new look. Here's one:

How is this different from one of their older press release pictures? Like this one?

They shed the black marks around facial organs and put on hell-money-like patterns instead. In this way, they have de-blackmetal-ize themselves and re-Taiwanize their look. I wonder what inspired them for their new look.

When I gave a paper at SEM, someone in the audience thought they look like the American (pop) metal group KISS. Maybe they would despise this connection too.


Asian Hip Hop said...


I think that style is largely influenced by visual kei. its really popular rock-style of dress in japan.


wh said...

Hey Royal,

I definitely can see the connection between Chthonic and visual kei in Japan [the long hair and the white makeup, although Chthonic has a more somber aesthetic than most visual kei bands which tend to look more 'glam' with saturated colors].

I think if you asked Freddy about that connection, I bet he would refute it.

Thanks for chiming in, Royal!