Tim Be Told Tours To Benefit Freedom In Creation

I sat down with the guys in Tim Be Told and chatted about music and life at a coffeeshop near the UVa campus in Charlottesville tonight. They offered me insight into their music, worldview, and the relationship between the two. They also addressed my intellectual concerns and non-intellectual curiosity generously with thought-provoking perspectives. In the coming weeks, I will post a review their upcoming EP From the Inside integrating some words from the members of the band.

For now, I give everyone a heads-up for their upcoming shows. In addition to their appearance at the final competition performance of Kollaboration NYC on 6/27, Tim Be Told will be touring to benefit Freedom In Creation, "a community-led, arts-based psychosocial, education and water-development program aimed at empowering war affected children in Northern Uganda while celebrating the role of the arts within humanitarianism. FIC addresses the socialization and reintegration of children (non- and ex-combatants) into their communities and access to clean and safe drinking water."

I found a poster of their FIC tour at the coffeeshop. Check out Tim Be Told's myspace page for tour dates and details. And don't be surprise to find me at one of their Charlottesville shows.

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