The Kominas - Taqwacore Muslim Punk

Last night on the Asia Pacific Forum, a radio program devoted to social issues, politics, and culture in Asian America, featured The Kominas, a Boston-based Taqwacore Muslim punk band. The name of the band "Kominas" in Urdu means "scumbag." Like many punk bands, The Kominas write and play politically charged songs, in their case, concerning with issues such as homophobia in the American Muslim community, anti-colonialism, immmigration, etc. Having a strong transnational presence, the band has worked to introduce punk to Pakistan. More recently, The Koaminas played at SXSW 2009 in Austin (I'm bummed about missing their set) and in Brooklyn last weekend. They expect to play in Brooklyn again, under the Brooklyn Bridge and tour extensively in July. Keeping checking their Myspace for their tour dates!

Listen to the APF segment on the Kominas.

My hope is to review their CD Wild Nights in Guantanamo Bay some time in the near future.


Unknown said...

Hey Wendy! Thanks for the props!!

Did you pick up the CD? I remember getting an email saying someone named Wendy referred by the radio broadcast picked up the CD.

Let me know

wh said...

Yea, I couldn't wait anymore so I went ahead and ordered one from CDBaby. It should come in soon. Thanks for checking in, Basim. I look forward to hearing your CD. I will be coming to Boston in May. I'd like to interview you and the rest of the band if possible.