More Wang Leehom's "Chinked-out" Tracks

I decided to post the rest of Wang Leehom's "chinked-out" tracks from his 2006 album Heroes of Earth.

Track 1 "Zai Mei Bian " (在梅邊) - check out the digital manipulation of Beijing Opera vocal samples and the rhyming in the end:

Track 2 "Mistake in the flower field" or "Hua Tian Cuo" (花田錯) - Wang plays an erhu solo in this ballad (he says in English, "Listen to my erhu):

Track 3 "Heroes of Earth" (蓋世英雄) - featuring Chinese American MC Jin (rapping in English and Cantonese) and syncopated rhythmic collage of Chinese percussion and vocals:


Royal said...


This "chinked-out" style of music is known as "Zhong Guo Feng" (中国风) which means something like "China Wind" or "China Style".

This style was popularized by Jay Chow.

wh said...

Hi Royal, thanks for the info. Can you direct me to some examples of Jay Chow's Zhong Guo Feng style?


Royal said...

Hi Wendy

I wrote about one of his rap songs about the martial artist Huo Yuan Jia in my blog here

http://asianrapworldwide.blogspot.com/2008/11/jay-chou-huo-yuan-jia.htmlhere's another one

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6Do-4Q5Oc8This one might be too.