Media Player Now Installed + New MP3 Downloads Now Posted

I just found a convenient media player to mount on this blog. From now on, it's much easier to stream and download MP3 files from YellowBuzz. To stream, hit the arrow; to download left-click on the link to "save link as."

Here are a couple of tracks by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down that I just found:
"Bag of Hammers"
"Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)"

Here's one by Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers posted on Love Shack, Baby:
"Woman Sets Boyfriend on Fire"

And don't forget to check out the MP3 downloads listed in the right panel of the blog interface.


a Tart said...

Hi hun,

It's common courtesy to link to the blog that's hosted the track you wish to use on your own blog. It gives that blogger a chance to have a share of the traffic and not just have their bandwidth siphoned off to your benefit. (that's what happens when you hotlink to my self-hosted mp3 file)

You'll notice that I linked to your wonderful review of Shilpa Ray at the bottom of my review. We bloggers can be great resources for one another, eh?
love shack, baby

wh said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the info! Good idea. I corrected the link now. Thanks for link to my review.


a Tart said...

Thank you :)Always nice to spread the bloggin love xoxo